Protect All Teens
Protect All Teens

Therapy bans harm youth by limiting therapeutic discussion about sexuality and gender.

Help us find solutions that can benefit all youth.

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The Roadblock

Current proposals only protect some teens at the expense of others

The current proposals would make it difficult for therapists to find the line between prohibited discussions and permitted ones, thereby limiting discussion to exclusively gay-affirming and transgender/gender-change-affirming approaches. This would push some clients to non-licensed individuals, likely increasing harm and despair and increasing suicide.

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The Goal

Protect all teens from harm when addressing sexuality and gender.

Utah and other governments are in the process of deciding how we can best protect our children and teens from individuals who would employ harmful or abusive actions when working with their sexual or gender questions and concerns.

The Challenge

Stop abusive practices and preserve client self-determination

We want to find a way to stop abusive practices without limiting the opportunities for families and young family members to talk with licensed professional counselors freely and openly about their personal aspirations and values - and receive ethical, helpful assistance in support of those goals.

The Hope

We can cooperate to find common ground

Utahns have faced difficult and potentially divisive cultural and policy challenges before and have found unique solutions that have been overlooked by other states. The Protect All Teens community believes that Utah can successfully meet this challenge of finding a better way again!

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