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Therapy Stories

Meet Erin

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Erin's Story

"If my licensed school psychologist was afraid of being sanctioned by the Utah licensing board, she likely would not have helped me, my parents, and my teachers to manage my trans feelings."

"Those who encourage children who are gender confused to transition both publicly and privately, who advocate using puberty blockers on children who are gender confused, who want to make it illegal for therapists to help children accept their body do not want to hear stories like mine."

"After I was sexually assaulted, I became a “trans” kid, I decided I was a boy. I hated my female body. I dressed like my brother. I acted like the other boys. I practiced peeing standing up. I got in trouble in first grade for being too aggressive both verbally and physically. When I could get away with it, I would use the boy’s bathroom instead of the girls."

"I am so thankful that my school psychologists recognized my being “trans” as a symptom of an underlying issue."

"If my school psychologist was required to affirm my gender identity when I was a child, I would have been deprived the opportunity to resolve my gender dysphoria."

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