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Therapy Stories

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"I was fired from my job back in 2011 for looking at inappropriate material on a work computer. That was a devastating blow to me, a married man and father of six children. How was I to provide and what was I to do? What complicated things was that the reason I was fired was directly related to my same sex attraction. I now had to face this struggle and stop running from it because it was now causing big problems in my life."

"So I sought help and was directed to a therapist who had done extensive work with the late Dr. Nicolosi who was the leader of the organization of NARTH. Their work was directly geared towards those who have same sex attraction. I was so lucky to have found my therapist. He was incredible and a huge blessing in my life. I have struggled with same sex attraction my whole life. He really helped me to find myself, my true self. I can’t say that I no longer struggle with same sex attraction, but I know how to manage my struggles and have been given tools and awareness to be able to live happily as I choose. I don’t want to live the gay life. I have chosen to love my wife and family despite my attractions. It would be a tragedy for people like me to not have access to help. The gay agenda wants everyone to believe that if you feel like you are gay then you only have one option- to live their lifestyle. I believe we as human beings have a choice. Some of us don’t believe homosexuality is the path we want our lives to take. We have the right to get help in our decisions as much as anyone else does."

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