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Therapy Stories

Meet Jim

Read more below about Jim's experience in Austrailia where laws prohibit access to therapy that supports the client's goal of reducing unwanted same-sex attractions.

Listen to his story (voice has been altered to protect his identity):

Jim's Story

"Unfortunately after many years of therapy here in Australia, going back from Melbourne to Sydney, it has been quite severely disressing. I mean gay affirmation therapy has utterly destroyed me to my very core. I know that sounds direct and some might say "how is that possible?" It's because I have, I know deep within my conscience that I don't want to live a gay lifestyle and I don't want to act upon these urges which I believe are not in conformity with my religion, my values, and my morals. "

"So basically, Victoria and other states have now introduced and passed legislation to ban all types of therapies that are non-gay affirmation therapies. And this has been utterly destructive for people like us who are suffering in silence, who want assistance, who need assistance, but do not want to accept the gay lifestyle. We are not intolerant, we are not homophobic, we are just individuals that don't want to accept that narrative."

"Me personally, it [gay affirmation therapy] has affected me in the worst of ways. I'm now suffering through severe consequences. I now suffer from PTSD, from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to the gay affirmation therapy that I've gone through due to the fact that they have pushed this upon me that the only way I'll be happy is to accept the lifestyle. I have seen numerous therapists and the therapists have told me time and time again, and I will quote them directly, that "you will live a miserable life, you will continue to be distressed, you will continue to hate yourself, you will continue to feel shame and guilt, depression, other mental health issues, until you accept the fact that you are gay, and you need to come out as gay and find a gay partner, otherwise you can continue to suppress yourself." I've been told this time and time again and I suffer from OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and when I am in an emotional state I have some obsessive thoughts and obviously PTSD as well. So all of these thoughts that were told to me, all theses statements that were expressed to me two years ago are still in my mind now and I still suffer enormous distress from them, enormous distress. At times it feels like because of the fact that there's no support groups for people like us here in Australia, we're almost non-existent. It's either you accept that [the gay] narrative or you go and suffer in silence or you repress yourself."

"All these statements have severely distressed people like us. So I get these thoughts, I get these statements popped in my head on a constant basis when I'm suffering through an emotional or a manic period and it's really distressing to deal with."

"Going to gay affirmation therapy, for people like us, is destructive. For others, it's great. For people that want to choose to live that lifestyle, I have no problem with them doing that, but for people like us who have no option here, and it's become incredibly difficult to live the way we want to live based upon our morals and values that we have chosen."

"As an individual I've spent many years researching this topic. I have no problem with anyone choosing what path they want to choose. But unfortunately we, as people who do not want to engage in same-sex relations, and do not want to engage in the LGBTQIA livestyle are not given an option, because we are not given support groups, we are not given any therapy that is supportive for us. Meaning therapy that can assist us in removing the shame of having these attrations. Reparative therapy that helps us remove the guilt and self-hatred. The only therapy we are offered is gay affirmation therapy, that these problems will be solved if you just affirm that you are gay and live that lifestyle and this has been incredibly depressing and distressing. My situation has become much, much, much worse, not because of the fact that I have same-sex attractions, it's because of the [gay affirmation] therapy that I have been offered that has been incredibly destructive."

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