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Therapy Stories

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Stephen's Story

"It was very important that I had access to a therapist who understood and supported me in my desires to manage and reduce my attractions. Had I not had that access, I would have continued to disconnect myself from others and experience suicidal thoughts."

"I am lucky I found a therapist willing to help, because I have friends who struggled to find a therapist willing to do something other than affirm their same-sex attractions and push them toward abandoning their values. Too many therapists either don't believe there is any for someone who experiences same-sex attractions to live happily outside of the gay lifestyle or they are afraid of sanctions from the licensing boards."

"My attractions have not always been consistently strong and troublesome. They intensified after my wife and I went through a lot of trauma, but reduced again when I was able to get therapy that supported my values and respected my desire to live happily married to my wife. I would not have chosen to go to therapy had I not been able to find a therapist who would support my values."

"My therapist helped me separate the sexual urges from normal needs of brotherhood and friendship. He helped me understand my emotions better, and to stand up for myself and my own needs. He helped me to see other options to interpret what I was feeling. As a result, my attractions began to diminish. While my attractions haven't disappeared entirely, they have reverted to an infrequent occurrence that no longer troubles me."

"I am now a better husband and father because I was able to have the therapy I wanted with the goals I wanted from a licensed therapist. Had I not had the opporunity to explore other ways of interpreting my feelings, I would still be depressed and suicidal - but I wouldn't have chosen to have sex with men. Now I can live the way I want to live - and be happy living that way."

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